Webinar: Innovation Challenge Mechanics

Today we hosted an interactive webinar diving into the “mechanics” of the innovation challenge — basically, how the innovation challenge structure works. We covered four topics, and then opened the floor to questions. You can watch the video here, or read the summary of key points!

See the webinar here.

Topic 1: Our Mission – Mozilla’s mission to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Our work in Equal Rating includes ongoing in-field research, policy engagement, and now this public challenge to spur innovation. We hope this innovation challenge will invite people to find new ways to provide affordable access to the unconnected as well as stimulate new conversations, connections, and experiments.

Topic 2: EqualRating.com – We highlighted key resources from the EqualRating.com website – specifically the Overview and Key Facts pages, which provide salient reports and articles describing the current barriers to Internet adoption. These resources also offer stimulating statistics to help drive new ways to think about this topic.

Topic 3: Proposals – The types of solutions we expect to spur through this challenge may include anything from consumer products and mobile services, to new business models and infrastructure proposals. The innovation challenge award money may support a team in building their entire solution, or it might help with initial research as they pursue future grants or proposals. We intentionally have left the call for proposals broad so that we can inspire a broad and creative` response!

Topic 4: Submission Form – We have a one-page submission form that is designed to be straight-forward and fairly short. After you enter information about the team, there are about 10 questions about the proposal that align with the Criteria listed on the website. You can also view the scoring matrix that the Judges will use to make their determination.

Good luck to all, and mark your calendar to get your submission in by January 6!

If you have any questions, please email us at equalrating@mozilla.com. We’re here to help!