Webinar 2: What is Equal Rating

In this brief webinar, Mozilla’s Senior Global Policy Manager Jochai Ben-Avie discussed the concept of “Equal Rating” and how it ties to Mozilla’s mission and goals. You can view the recording of the webinar here, and a summary follows:


Part 1: Reviewing the Innovation Challenge mission and key dates

    • Mozilla’s goal for the Innovation Challenge is to stimulate new conversations and creative solutions for providing affordable access to the open Internet.
    • Submissions must be received by 6 January. We are also happy to provide feedback on your draft submission if you share your ideas before the end of December.

Part 2: Definition of the term Equal Rating

    • Equal Rating builds on Mozilla’s commitment to net neutrality and digital inclusion.
    • Users should be able to choose their own content based on the quality of the content and their interest in that content, not just what a provider selects.
    • Equal Rating does not support “pay-for-play” arrangements or “gatekeepers” monitoring access.

Part 3: Mozilla’s three-fold strategy to support Equal Rating

    • Open Innovation: Catalyzing new thinking and business models and bringing together a community of people who are activated on this topic.
    • Policy: Work with governments and regulators to seed the right conditions and environment for providing access to the full diversity of the open Internet.
    • Research: Ongoing partnerships with research experts to get data about how we can work to break barriers to accessing and using the open Internet to its fullest potential benefit.

If you have any questions on this topic or other related to the Innovation Challenge, please don’t hesitate to contact us at equalrating@mozilla.com.