Submissions Open - Let the Challenge Begin

We are excited to announce that submissions for the Equal Rating Innovation Challenge are now open!

From now on until January 6th you will be able to submit your proposal to connect more people to the full diversity of the open Internet. Solutions can range from consumer products and mobile service, to new business model and infrastructure proposals.

Central to the submission is a description of your solution, the intended user experience for your target audience, and the roadmap to the future. The submission form has a dozen questions and should be easy to navigate.


We are always happy to answer any questions you have at In addition, we invite you to watch an interactive webinar about the Innovation Challenge Mechanics on November 7th, which will be publicly streamed at Air Mozilla and recorded for viewing later too.

To get some inspiration, you can see a few examples of what is currently on the market in the Current Solutions section of the site. One solution is BRCK which was designed in Narobi, Kenya and is able to support up to 40 devices and remain functioning for 8 hours when power is out, as well as managing changes between Ethernet, Wifi, and 3G. Another example is Project Isizwe which collaborates with local, provincial, and national government to provide Wi-Fi to low-income communities. In order to pursue their purpose of education, economic development, and social inclusion.

Let the Challenge begin!