Mozilla and Start Up Chile Explore the Benefits of Equal Rating

Our latest partner in Mozilla’s journey to galvanize the innovation community around the topic of affordable access to the open Internet is Startup Chile, the biggest accelerator in Latin America. We hosted an event on November 30th in the Start-Up Chile Coworking Space and met many incredible thinkers and doers. Mozilla’s Senior Global Policy Manager Jochai Ben-Avie interviewed Rocio Fonseca. Rocio is the Executive Director of Startup Chile and one of the five judges of the Equal Rating Innovation Challenge. Jochai and Rocio had a lively banter about entrepreneurship, the complexities of changing mental models to solve social challenges, and

the importance of building a diverse community that drives toward to common goal. We are thrilled to have Rocio’s perspective and experience on the judging panel for the Innovation Challenge!
We are looking forward to seeing the submissions that come out of each community around the globe. You can find more about Rocio’s background on the judges page and submit your proposal HERE. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have at