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Equal Rating Innovation Challenge


Akure, Nigeria

Team Leader: Olaoluwa David Aboluwarin aims to build and equitable marketplace by directly connecting rural Nigerian farmers living in technology underserved areas to urban buyers via SMS.

Taveta, Kenya

The 21st Century Digital Farmer!

Team Leader: Didas Mwachila Mzirai

Mobile ICT training for rural smallholder farmers so they can gain agricultural and economic intelligence to better farm and sell. Focus on mango producers throughout Kenya.


Uyo, Nigeria

Moriah Haulage Track

Team Leader: obot umoh

Marketplace via app to enable reliable and affordable hauling services in West Africa. App connects producers and distributors and provides real time availability, location, and status.

Abuja, Nigeria


Team Leader: Victor Jibro

Africa’s online lending service, which provides quick loans to online shoppers, employees, and the unbanked within 1hr of application without request for a collateral. PayConnect seeks to promote financial inclusion with fair and favorable loan terms.


California, USA

Building resilience in refugee communities

Team Leader: Meena Palaniappan Atma

Go is a mobile website and Android App designed to empower communities with information. Our core goal is to create a community based approach to helping low-income and marginalized communities. We envision a world where neighbors help neighbors prepare for disasters, improve access to critical resources, and overcome chronic challenges.

Caracas, Venezuela

E- Cocoa Centers

Team Leader: Manuel Escalona

Construction of internet enabled community public space and centers for rural populations in the “Cacao-Route” of Caracas, Venezuela. Build community (education), support economic empowerment (direct commercialization), scale the natural social ties (visibility) that connect these groups.

New York, USA

Mozilla Level Playing Field Project

Team Leader: Noelle-Claire LeCann

Project will produce five functioning examples for the expansion of fair and equal access to the internet into currently offline communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The initial outcome will be an additional 250,000 people connected to the internet, which could be scaled to connect 100 million people.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Zyxt: Accelerator for Rural Community Network

Team Leader: Jay Chen

Enable rural communities to launch and operate their own financially-sustainable ISPs using an accelerator model with 0% loans and training. Focus on last-mile connectivity and self-sustainability.


Lagos, Nigeria

Learning Tree Nigeria

Team Leader: Solomon Ojeagbase

An innovative e-learning resource portal that prepares candidates for major examinations using the Computer Based Test (CBT) model. Currently in market with 100k active users.

Tema, Ghana

Smart ICT

Team Leader: Yussif Salis

“SMART ICT- connect my School Program” provides students with an easy access to high-speed internet in their schools by raising funds through educational programs for workers held after school hours.

Benin City, Nigeria

The MUDIA project

Team Leader: Dennis Ahmed Errikson

Online platform to build the skills and independence of young people, particularly students, and ultimately connect them with local, national, international job opportunities. Benefit to job seekers and employers.


Malang, Indonesia


Team Leader: Gamal Albinsaid

In-home healthcare services, fully inclusive and round the clock. In addition to providing consistent access digitally, propose to provide a wide range of services ranging from phone and video consultation, medical care at home, emergency services, medicine delivery.

Kigali, Rwanda


Team Leader: Joanna Bichsel

Consumer technology platform operating in East Africa that sells and delivers women’s health products confidentially using any type of mobile phone. No internet required, no smartphone required for someone to browse through products, order, pay and get products delivered. Focused on promoting women’s empowerment for health and self-care while providing direct access to quality products and information.

Dakar, Senegal

Smart Medicine Everywhere (SME)

Team Leader: Jean Luc Ugirashebuja

Business model to distribute smartphones on credit (no upfront charge) for healthcare providers to connect with fellow practitioners to get best practices, further education and training, access to top medical resources, and ultimately serve the poor, unconnected, sick better.


Brilon, Germany

Infrastructure - Planning and Realization

Team Leader: Jens Wiggenbrock

A web-based planning system using open geospatial data (e.g. OSM) and optimization algorithms to calculate the installation plan, installation cost and materials of new infrastructure (fiber,copper and wifi, as well as water pipes and cables). Integrated multimedia tutorials help teach best practices.

New Delhi, India

Network in a Box (NIAB)

Team Leader: Rucha Deshpande

Plug-and-play configurable networking solution for deploying a wireless network to people in pre-defined small-range coverage areas. Requires only basic networking knowledge.

Texas, USA


Team Leader: Rabimba Karanjai

Android app that will connect all devices using a wireless p2p mesh network and enable message and data sharing protocol. It’ll work without any network and even if one of the devices is connected to internet, the other devices will be able to access it.

Colorado, USA

Tribal International Carrier

Team Leader: David Selby

Provide bulk wholesale internet capacity to each of the 576 federally-recognized Indian nations by lighting a new rural backbone network on acquired and constructed fiber. The goal is to provide high capacity connectivity to local ISPs at costs consistent with the costs in major urban markets.