EqualRating.com – your central resource

Welcome to EqualRating.com! We’ve created this website to be a central resource for those new to the topic of connecting the unconnected so they can learn about the most salient issues, and to provide a single launchpad for those furthering their knowledge and expertise.

On the site, you will find the 3 key frameworks that are used to deeply understand barriers to Internet adoption. You can read important statistics that humanize this issue, and see how connectivity influences gender dynamics, education, economics, and myriad other social issues. The reports section provides a summary of the current debate and the analyses provide further texture and depth to the different positions.

We will augment this content with several webinars throughout the innovation challenge in order to provide an opportunity for dialogue and questions. (These will also be recorded and available for later viewing.) The current schedule follows. Please check back for more details!

7 Nov 2016
Webinar 1: Innovation Challenge mechanics

1 Dec 2016
Webinar 2: What is Equal Rating?

12 Dec 2016
Webinar 3: Understanding the current landscape