Equal Rating Innovation Challenge Publicly Launched!

On Thursday, October 13, Mozilla’s Chief Innovation Officer Katharina Borchert launched our Equal Rating Innovation Challenge at Quartz’s The Next Billion conference in San Francisco. Quartz brought together over 300 thought leaders, business experts, and tech innovators from around the world to discuss the economic, social, and technological implications for providing full access to the Internet to the next billion people and beyond.


Katharina explained how the innovation challenge is anchored in Mozilla’s mission to ensure the Internet remains a global public resource that is open and accessible to all. Mozilla believes in the power of innovation at the edges and of people on the ground being well-suited to address the challenges that they face. Katharina pointed out the power of collaboration when it comes to tackling global challenges. She also invited the audience to share thoughts and to partner with Mozilla. “This challenge should be only the beginning. We want it to be a starting point for sustainable solutions, inspiring conversations and community partnerships that will last after our challenge has completed.”