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Featured Entrepreneur

Steve Song

Steve Song

I am the Founder of Village Telco, a social enterprise that builds low-cost WiFi mesh VoIP technologies to deliver affordable voice and Internet in underserviced areas. When I am not doing that I am a passionate advocate for cheaper, more pervasive access to communication infrastructure in Africa.

Big Idea:
Free 2G for Everyone (link to his Demo Day video)

Most recently:
Finalist in the Equal Rating Innovation Challenge

Opinions online:

Featured Solution

Steve Song


Consumer technology platform operating in East Africa that sells and delivers women’s health products confidentially using any type of mobile phone. No Internet required, no smartphone required for someone to browse through products, order, pay and get products delivered. Focused on promoting women’s empowerment for health and self-care while providing direct access to quality products and information.

Team Leader:
Joanna Bichsel

Kigali, Rwanda

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